Making late payment can result in payday loans to be protracted. So, if you as the borrower cannot pay back the loan in time, the payday loan will be scroll to the next phase. A payday loan, somehow, can become a continuous loan. What is more, a person can be a long-term borrower once he or she uses a payday loan every time he or she gets a financial crush. Most borrowers tend to be drawn into the permanent liabilities of a payday loan trap. Taking out a payday loan is equal to using a two-edged sword to solve your financial conditions. 

There are some advantages and disadvantages of payday loans. The advantages include covering your unexpected expenses quickly, getting a quick procedure, and saving your life from a severe financial crush. The disadvantages include being at a high risk to do late repayment, being given a high rate of interest, and getting trapped in long-term financial crisis. In order to avoid becoming a long-term borrower, you should not make payday loans as the only solution to help you getting rid of financial troubles. Otherwise, a payday loan is more appropriate to be used to overcome financial troubles in a short time.

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