Easy Home Decorating Tips and Ideas to Use Now!

Looking to spruce up your home? Try using some of these tips to give your living space a fresh new look:

Adding freshly cut flowers to any room in your house can make the space feel more vibrant and alive. You can pick pretty much any flower that you like, or you can choose one that matches your color scheme, though you may be limited by what’s available throughout the year. If you’re going to buy different types of flowers for different rooms each week, considering asking your florist to deliver them so you don’t have to pick them up. If you don’t want to swap out fresh flowers every week, look for high-quality silk flowers from specialty stores. They don’t look like the bad fake ones you grew up with at Grandma’s house anymore.

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for any space in your home. You don’t have to pick a new color if you like your color scheme as it is, but paint has tendency to fade and look dull after a few years. If you do want a new paint color, make sure you use a high-quality primer first. Otherwise your old paint color may affect the way your new one looks, especially if the old color is darker than the new one.

Replace Old Appliances
If your kitchen is starting to feel a bit dated, chances are it’s because of old appliances that don’t look very modern. It might seem expensive to replace your old appliances, but many stores have payment plans that allow you to pay just a bit each month without racking up interest for the first year or 18 months. You’ll also save money on energy costs because new appliances tend to be more efficient than older ones.

Use Mirrors
Hanging mirrors in rooms that are small or feel cluttered to you can make the room feel larger by widening the visual plane. You can use multiple small mirrors in a pattern on the wall – this works well for traditional and antique or vintage-styled spaces – or you can use one large mirror in a geometric shape for a more contemporary look. (Source: San Francisco Bay Area Interior Designer Holly Bender)

Clear Clutter
Having too many knick-knacks or decorative items that just sit around can make a room feel stuffy and too busy to the eye, especially in a small space. If you have small items sitting all over your flat surfaces like desks, countertops and end tables, try moving some of them and see how much more open your room looks. You don’t have to get rid of sentimental items, but consider putting them in storage or in another room instead. You might be surprised how much more relaxed you feel in the room without all of the clutter.

Adding a piece of art, whether it’s an original piece from a favorite local artist or a print from a well-known master, can really help tie your room together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. High-quality prints are surprisingly affordable. For a vintage look, consider an old advertising reprint. (Source: Lafayette Interior Design Firm)

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