Help Your Clients with Loan Origination Software

Loan origination software can make your job much easier by helping you hone in on the best prospects while complying with numerous regulations. It can also be used to help your clients find the best mortgage products for their specific needs – a win-win solution for lenders that want to follow a consultative approach.

First, loan origination software can be used to quickly determine a borrower’s eligibility. Instead of wasting everyone’s time, the software allows you to find out if your products are a good match for the borrower and if the borrower qualifies. Loan origination software examines a variety of guidelines specific to a loan type such as loan purpose, occupancy, credit history, reserves, and so on to quickly determine eligibility. Once eligibility (or ineligibility) is determined, you can move on accordingly.

Loan origination software also typically contains pricing tools so that you can quickly quote a product using general information. For example, some loan pricing software allows you to specify the basics such as purchase price, down payment, basic property information, borrower type, and credit score without requiring specific details and time-consuming data entry.

Not only can you quickly determine eligibility and quote prices to potential clients, loan pricing software also makes it easy to plug in various options such as rate targets or borrower paid points to see how these options affect the monthly payments.

In addition, loan pricing software typically conforms to the most current regulations. For example, some programs include reporting tools that comply with Dodd-Frank’s anti-steering provisions by documenting the various loan products discussed and how the borrower reached the decision. (Source: Mortgage Software By NYLX)

Using loan origination software is essential in today’s highly regulated mortgage lending environment. While compliance is mandatory, loan origination and pricing software can also help you to provide the best service possible to your clients.


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